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Sunday / 26 June 2022
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TopAuto makes the advertising process quick and easy

TopAuto is the best place to advertise your brand, products, and promotions.

This is because of its large audience and its incredible marketing team that takes care of all aspects of your campaign.

TopAuto’s marketing team makes it easy for you to advertise your brand by executing and managing your booking.

This includes designing your banners, writing articles for your brand and product, implementing trackable links, and reporting on your campaign progress.

Here is the list of TopAuto’s advertising products:

  • Sponsored Articles with Social Media Promotions
  • Display Banners
  • Site Takeovers
  • Category Takeovers

Each of these advertising products provides excellent exposure, reach, and engagement for your brand.

Category takeovers

Category takeovers allow you to advertise on particular sections of the TopAuto website so that you target a specific audience.

For example, you can promote your products on TopAuto’s Driving Cost Calculator or its Car Prices Portal.

The Driving Cost Calculator provides South Africans with detailed information on their trips, including journey distance and time, toll costs, and most importantly, estimated fuel costs based upon vehicle fuel consumption.

The Car Prices Portal gives users up-to-date information and pricing on every major vehicle brand’s local vehicles.

Both of these tools attract users who have a particular goal in mind, which results in highly targeted audiences that provide incredible marketing performance.

To find out more about advertising on TopAuto, click here.