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Wednesday / 17 August 2022
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Presented by Hippo

How to save over R5,000 per year on car insurance with Hippo

Hippo is South Africa’s leading insurance comparison platform, and new research shows why it is so popular.

Research by KLA – commissioned by Hippo – found that consumers can save an average of R5,000 per year by comparing car insurance quotes on their platform and switching to the cheapest option.

This is crucial at a time when rising fuel prices have made local drivers desperate to reduce their vehicle costs in any way possible.

We therefore decided to put Hippo to the test to see how much money South Africans can save by using the popular comparison tool.

Testing Hippo

Using Hippo was incredibly simple, and each time we added a new vehicle, we had a bunch of different quotes in just a few minutes.

We decided to test the service with two cars – a luxury vehicle and an affordable vehicle.

For the luxury vehicle, we chose the 2022 Mercedes Benz C200 as it is one of the most iconic and popular luxury sedans on South African roads.

For the affordable vehicle, we chose the 2017 Kia Picanto 1.0L as it was recently found to be one of the most fuel-efficient second-hand cars in the country.

These cars are therefore both among the most in-demand vehicles in their segments and this makes them ideal test cases for the Hippo tool.

For both vehicles, we added the following information:

  • We want comprehensive cover.
  • The car is locked in a garage overnight.
  • The main driver has had a licence since January 2014.
  • The main driver has had continuous comprehensive car insurance for 3 years.
  • The main driver has never made a claim.

The range of quotes we received from the Hippo tool was impressive.

2022 Mercedes Benz C200

Insurer Monthly Premium Excess Per Claim
Insurer 1 R1,832.86 R5,000
Insurer 2 R1,850.66 R5,000
Insurer 3 R1,880.46 R5,000
Insurer 4 R2,421.38 R14,300
Insurer 5 R2,440.64 R14,000
Insurer 6 R2,472.83 R14,000
Insurer 7 R2,533.65 R14,000
Insurer 8 R2,609.63 R14,000
Insurer 9 R2,616.84 R14,000
Insurer 10 R2,696.18 R6,500

2017 Kia Picanto 1.0L

Insurer Monthly Premium Excess Per Claim
Insurer 1 R660.99 R6,900
Insurer 2 R664.32 R6,500
Insurer 3 R678.39 R6,500
Insurer 4 R692.88 R6,500
Insurer 5 R693.55 R6,500
Insurer 6 R722.53 R6,500
Insurer 7 R722.69 R5,000
Insurer 8 R725.94 R5,000
Insurer 9 R757.68 R5,000
Insurer 10 R783.63 R6,500
Insurer 11 R979.74 R5,000

This data shows there can be a difference of over R850 per month in premiums for a C200, and over R300 per month for a Picanto.

However, it is important to note that each insurer also offers a range of additional features and value-adds – such as emergency services, cash-back programmes, and free data – which are all detailed underneath each quote for easy access.

It is therefore important that you go through the different quotes and compare all of the extra costs, savings, and benefits you can expect from each insurer before choosing the one that suits your needs and pocket.


Ultimately, we were really impressed with Hippo.

It was incredibly easy to fill in all of the necessary details, and we were delighted with the sheer number of high-quality, in-depth quotes that we received from the tool.

It is clear to us that anyone who is in the market for car insurance, or already has insurance but wants to save more money, should use Hippo to find the best product for their needs.

Get free insurance quote comparisons for a variety of insurance products from Hippo.