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Wednesday / 26 January 2022
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How to tell if you are being sold “expired” tyres

Vehicle tyres come with a five-year warranty as standard, and once they pass this date should not be sold as a “new” tyre.

This is according to Hedley Judd, national director of the Tyre, Equipment and Parts Association (TEPA).

“This warranty is from the manufacturer that warrants that the tyre in its unused form is safe from manufacturing defects during the five-year period from date of manufacture,” said Judd.

Judd said a tyre that is unfitted and unused – and that has been correctly stored, will last longer than the five-year period.

However, the manufacturer’s warranty does not extend beyond the five-year time frame.

Buying new tyres

As part of a drive to ensure tyres which are out of their warranty period are not sold to consumers as “new”, Judd said they are engaging with government agencies and departments.

TEPA also provides guidance to vehicle owners who need to buy new tyres on what to look out for.

The age of a tyre can be determined by looking at its side wall for specific markings.

These will be in the following format:

  • DOT U2LL LMLR 5107

The number at the end is the important part.

  • 51 means the tyre was made in the 51st week of the year.
  • 07 means the tyre was made in 2007.

This is the date which must be checked when buying a new tyres, to ensure they are within the manufacturer’s warranty period.

“If you notice your tyres have reached the five-year mark, the best course of action would be to visit a specialist and have the condition of the tyres assessed.”

“The dealer may see safety-critical issues with the tyres that you may have overlooked. In the event of a report of visible aging, there should be no hesitation in replacing the tyres immediately.”



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