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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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Used Toyota GR Yaris selling for big premium in South Africa

If you want to buy a “used” Toyota GR Yaris in South Africa, be prepared to pay above the “new” retail price.

The highly-anticipated GR Yaris launched locally in June, with the country only getting around 190 units.

Due to the special nature of this car and the limited numbers it was sold in, the inevitable happened – you could not buy one from a Toyota dealer.

Shortly after, second-hand marketplaces saw an influx of “pre-owned” GR Yaris models that were listed well above their new retail prices.

While the practice of buying a limited-edition vehicle at launch and reselling it at a higher price is nothing new, rarely do we see local dealerships act so quickly.

The most surprising listing was for a “pre-owned” GR Yaris Rally with 100km on the clock selling for R899,995.

This is much higher than its recommended new retail price of R715,600.

Not long after news came out that dealerships were adding exorbitant premiums on their GR Yaris listings, the aforementioned advertisement disappeared.

Whether a wealthy South African wanted to skip the waiting list, or the listing was removed, we do not know.

There are several more of these examples currently online, with the average second-hand price of a “standard” GR Yaris hovering around R640,000 – above the new list price of R606,600.

GR Yaris in South Africa

Unfortunately, paying inflated second-hand prices may be the only way for South Africans to get their hands on a Toyota GR Yaris right now.

TopAuto spoke to multiple Toyota dealership salespeople, and was told the sporty hatchback was sold out.

Upon further enquiry, Toyota South Africa officially stated “there are a handful of units left to allocate”.

“Our final batch of cars only arrive in October, though, so at this stage, we cannot confirm the status of those transactions,” said the company.

Toyota said that a new order book for the GR Yaris has also been opened for 2022, following high demand for the vehicle.

“Market response has proven very positive, with a particularly strong demand for the top-spec Rally model at dealer level.”

“Should demand surpass supply in our market – then we will request additional units from the 2022 production cycle,” it said.

“For now, the GR Yaris remains an exclusive commodity, with 190 numbered units destined for local soil and a unique-numbered key ring given to each owner in celebration thereof.”

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