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Thursday / 11 August 2022
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Best-selling car brands in South Africa

The best-selling car brand in South Africa in August 2021 was Toyota, with a total of 15,713 units sold between the local and export markets.

This is according to Naamsa’s new vehicle sales report, which recorded new vehicle sales for 41 vehicle brands in the country during the month.

For the month under review, 41,425 new vehicles were sold in South Africa – which reflects an increase of 8,166 units, or 24.6%, over August 2020.

However, export sales for August 2021 declined by 3,583 units (15.6%) when compared to August 2020 – to 19,446 units.

The total industry sales for August 2021 were then divided into the following segments:

  • Passenger vehicles – 27,157 units
  • Light commercial vehicles, bakkies, and minibuses – 11,749 units
  • Medium trucks – 719 units
  • Heavy trucks and buses – 1,800 units

Out of the total reported industry sales, an estimated 83.6% represented dealer sales, 12.0% represented sales to the vehicle rental industry, 2.5% to corporate fleets, and 1.9% sales to government, said Naamsa.

Best-selling brands

The best-selling vehicle brand in South Africa is determined by local sales only.

Toyota once again placed first as the country’s best-selling brand, comfortably extending its lead over VW in second place.

Nissan performed well in August and overtook both Hyundai and Ford to become the third best-selling brand in South Africa.

Hyundai sits fourth and Ford in sixth, with Suzuki passing Ford to reach fifth.

In terms of exports, BMW sits at the top with 5,300 new vehicles exported to international markets during August.

VW follows this with 5,239 units exported, with Toyota in third with 5,167 units exported.

Detailed below are the best-selling brands in South Africa in August 2021, according to local new vehicle sales.

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Toyota – 10,215 units

VW – 6,860 units

Nissan – 3,332 units

Hyundai – 2,712 units

Suzuki – 2,470 units

Ford – 2,199 units

Renault – 2,010 units

Haval – 1,885 units

Kia – 1,703 units

Isuzu – 1,349 units

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