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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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How much monthly instalments are on the new Kia Sportage GT-Line

A new Kia Sportage GT-Line will cost owners R12,200 per month if they buy the SUV using a finance plan.

This is according to a calculation performed by TopAuto.

The Sportage GT-Line combines luxury and sportiness in a package that looks to take on its more expensive German rivals.

For R649,995, Kia has included a 1.6-litre engine and an intelligent all-wheel-drive system in its SUV – with 130kW and 265Nm on offer.

This power is put down through a seven-speed, dual-clutch, automatic transmission and provides a 0-100km/h time of 9.1 seconds.

Along with a range of convenience features in the cabin, Kia provides owners with an impressive after-sales package.

This includes a 5-year/unlimited kilometre warranty, a 5-year/90,000km service plan, and 5-year/unlimited kilometre roadside assistance.

Kia stated that the Sportage GT-Line officially goes on sale across South Africa on 15 October 2021, with pre-orders now open.

Monthly instalments

To work out how much the Kia Sportage GT-Line will cost buyers using a finance plan, we can take the R649,995 price tag and place it into the formula below.

  • Car Price – R649,995
  • Payment Term – 60 terms (5 years)
  • Interest – 9%
  • Deposit – 10%
  • Balloon – No balloon payment
  • Extras – No optional extras

The result is a monthly car payment of R12,200. The total amount of interest paid over the duration of the finance agreement is then R143,900.

It must be noted that this amount excludes other monthly expenses which owners will incur after taking the vehicle home.

This includes monthly car insurance premiums and fuel costs.

These items can easily run up to several thousand rand per month and must be taken into account when working out whether you can afford a particular vehicle.

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