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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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Ford is changing how its service plans are bundled with vehicles – What you need to know

Ford South Africa has announced that its service plans are now unbundled from the price you pay to buy a new vehicle.

The move follows the implementation of the “Right to Repair” guidelines for vehicle brands in South Africa.

“From 1 November 2021, Ford Protect Service Plans are unbundled from the purchase price of the vehicle, and will be available as an added-cost option, along with comprehensive maintenance plans and extended warranties,” said Ford.

Previously, Ford Protect Service Plans were included as standard on new Fords sold in South Africa.

Customers will now have to purchase their Ford service plan separately – should they wish to do so.

“Furthermore, customers that choose not to purchase a Ford Protect service or maintenance plan have the option of servicing at a Ford franchised dealer,” said Ford.

“Servicing at a Ford dealer guarantees quality workmanship using factory-trained and certified technicians, genuine Ford parts and lubricants, and access to the latest diagnostic equipment.”

Know what you are doing

Ford stated that while their service plans have been unbundled, customers must make sure they know how the Right to Repair guidelines work.

While a service plan is now an add-option, the vehicle’s standard original equipment manufacturer warranty remains in place.

“The Ford Protect package on all new Ford vehicles comprises a 4-year/120,000km comprehensive warranty, 3-year/unlimited-distance roadside assistance, and 5-year/unlimited-km corrosion warranty,” said Ford.

Additionally, customers must ensure they understand the process when servicing their vehicle at a dealership outside of the Ford network – which the guidelines allow for.

“For example, if you choose to service your vehicle outside of the Ford dealer network while you have a Ford Protect Service Plan in place, Ford is not obliged to pay the independent service providers (ISP) for any services rendered,” said Neale Hill, President of Ford Motor Company Africa.

“The ISP cost will be for your own account, and although the Ford warranty remains in place, should there be a failure as a result of the parts used or the workmanship of the ISP, that portion of the repair may not be covered by the Ford warranty.”

Furthermore, services need to be done according to the manufacturer’s applicable service intervals.

Product recalls

When it comes to product recalls which require repairs on a vehicle, Ford stated that only its dealers are authorised to conduct this process.

“Similarly, factory warranty repairs may only be performed by a Ford dealer,” said Ford.



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