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Friday / 27 May 2022
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Pick n Pay launches car licence disc renewals nationwide – New price

Pick n Pay (PnP) is rolling out its new vehicle licence disc renewal service to all its supermarket and hypermarket stores in South Africa.

The service can now be performed at over 500 locations nationwide, whereas it was previously only available at 19 select retailers.

“The retailer hopes to roll out the service to all Pick n Pay Liquor and Clothing stores soon, too,” said PnP.

How it works

The new vehicle licence disc renewal service is available for privately owned vehicles and there is no limit to the number of discs a customer can renew, said PnP.

To make use of the system, customers must register with their cellphone numbers at in-store PnP till points, or follow this link that was provided on the PnP website.

Following registration, customers must set up their profile and payment method online and thereafter select “opt to pay in a Pick n Pay store”.

This will allow you to pay in-store by providing your cellphone number as a payment reference.

A PnP Vehicle Licence Disc Renewal Portal profile then requires the following documentation:

  • Proof of residence
  • Clear image of ID book or card
  • Copy of existing vehicle licence disc

After payment is received, “customers can expect their new vehicle licence disc to be delivered within 10 business days,” said PnP.

“The service also provides the ability for customers to resolve any blockages that may prevent them from renewing their vehicle licence disc.”

“An additional benefit is that once registered, customers will receive a renewal notification to help customers avoid a penalty fee.”

Lower price

In addition to rolling out the licence disc renewal system nationwide, PnP also lowered the admin fee of performing the service.

The previous fee of R345 has now been decreased to R250.

The courier fee remains unchanged at R99.99, however.

Therefore, the total price of performing a vehicle licence disc renewal at PnP and getting it couriered to your desired address is R349.99.

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