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Friday / 27 May 2022
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UK’s “leading” online tyre store now open in South Africa

Blackcircles – the United Kingdom’s “leading online tyre retailer” – has expanded into South Africa.

“With Blackcircles, the entire process of selecting and paying for tyres is done online, and the customer only visits a dealership for the final tyre fitting,” said the company.

How it works

The local Blackcircles website provides a “technologically advanced platform for all local tyre manufacturers to bridge into the digital marketplace,” said the company.

According to the site, the steps to buy and have your tyres fitted locally are as follows:

  • Choose your tyres online by searching for a vehicle or wheel size
  • Select a fitment partner, fitting date, and time
  • Place your order using online payment methods
  • Tyres are delivered to the fitment centre in time for the scheduled fitment

All tyre prices include fitment, balancing, new rubber valves, and nationwide delivery to your selected dealership, said Blackcircles.

The site will also offer “engaging advice and a team of online experts dedicated to looking after customer orders,” said general manager of Blackcircles South Africa Devlin Moodley.

“With 80% of South Africans living or working within a 15-minute drive of a fitting centre, it is convenience at its best.”


Blackcircles was founded in 2001 in the UK and was acquired by Michelin in 2015, said the company.

Over the years, it expanded into several countries including Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, and Canada – with South Africa being the latest addition.

South Africa’s largest tyre manufacturer, Sumitomo Rubber South Africa, has acquired the local rights to Blackcircles and is running it as an independent subsidiary.

“With two decades of international experience, we have created the technology that allows our website to cover every base in an efficient manner,” said Moodley.

“Customer experience is at the heart of our company’s growth, as we consistently engage with customers to ensure we continue to develop our already much praised business model.”


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