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Friday / 27 May 2022
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This R11.5-million Ferrari is a firm favourite in South Africa

The Ferrari SF90 – which retails for over R11.5 million in South Africa – is a firm favourite among local car buyers.

This is according to Naamsa’s new vehicle sales report for March 2022, which showed that six SF90 cars were sold in the country last month.

This is compared to one Ferrari F8, two Ferrari Portofinos, and two Ferrari Romas which were sold in March.

The strong performance of the Ferrari SF90 in March follows two units of the car being sold in January, and another two units being sold in February in the country.

Supercar competitors

To better put into perspective the sales performance of the SF90, we can look towards other supercar brands to see how they performed locally last month.

Lamborghini sold six new units across its entire range in South Africa in March – with the brand not publicly reporting individual model sales.

This is somewhat problematic in the case of Lamborghini, as the vehicles it offers include the Urus SUV which sells for R3.9 million.

Audi sold three new R8 cars in March – starting at R3.5 million each – while Bentley sold one unit across its range.

Bentley also does not report a per-model sales breakdown, but its Bentayga, Continental, and Flying Spur all start at R3.9 million.

Finally, we have Porsche – a relatively affordable brand when compared to the automotive royalty listed above.

Porsche sold 157 new units in the country during March. Unfortunately, Porsche is another brand which does not report individual models sales figures.

The most affordable Porsche you can buy new in South Africa is the Macan – with the range starting at just over R1 million.

The top-end offer from the brand comes in the form of the 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, selling for R4,102,000.

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