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Wednesday / 19 June 2024
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This new electric panel van in South Africa could be bringing your next delivery to the front door

Aeversa, a South African company focused on the development of electric transport technology, has launched a new panel van that runs on all-electric power.

The vehicle is designed to offer a new-energy alternative to traditional transport for last-mile deliveries from distribution centres to your front door.

Battery-powered panel van

Aerversa’s new panel van is capable of doing 350km on a single battery charge and it can be fully recharged in just 90 minutes, according to the company.

The main advantage of the new vehicle will be saving on operating costs, including fuel and maintenance needs.

Fleet maintenance costs should be as much as 70% lower compared to their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, as battery-electric vehicles have fewer moving parts that will need to be replaced on a regular basis, said Rick Franz, CEO of Aeversa.

As for electricity, the vans cost 40-60% less to recharge than it would be to refuel an equivalent petrol van, he said. Another benefit of the electric vehicle is that it produces zero emissions, helping companies to achieve ambitious carbon-cutting goals.

On top of this, Aeversa’s new panel van is equipped with air conditioning and seating for six people, including the driver, making for a versatile offering for shorter trips.

Electric transport fleet

“More companies are now phasing out traditional diesel and petrol panel vans,” said Aeversa.

“They are introducing more cost-effective electric panel vans in their delivery fleets to save on vehicle maintenance and huge fuel bills.”

Electric vans are not new to the transport industry, as low-range variants from brands like Bedford have been in place as far back as the 1980s.

However, the progression of vehicle battery technology in the last 10 years has allowed maximum ranges to drastically improve, expanding the utility of EVs in the transport sector.

While ICE trucks will still be needed to haul cargo over long journeys, electric panel vans offer an alternative transport solution for the last stretch of a journey, according to the company.


The Aeversa electric panel van has a starting price of R980,580 excluding VAT, with current importation times ranging between 4-6 months, said the company.

The vehicle can be purchased outright and financing options are also available.

Aeversa will further offer its customers a service to assist in the planning and installation of charging points to accommodate electric fleets, it said. These charging stations will be powered by solar or other alternative energy sources and will feature energy storage facilities as well.

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