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Sunday / 14 July 2024
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Kia raises prices in South Africa – Before and after

Kia has increased pricing for all its models in South Africa in line with the manufacturer’s regular product pricing reviews.

These annual adjustments are generally made due to changes in areas such as inflation, raw material costs, model features, model cycle lifestage, profitability margins, and competitor comparisons.

The vehicles with the biggest price hikes were the Carnival minivan and Sorento seven-seater SUV, which both saw the addition of R9,000 to their window stickers across the board.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Picanto hatchback experienced the smallest increase to the tune of R2,000, however, for the two range-topping Picanto X-Line models, the hikes came out to R10,000 a piece.

Fortunately, the diesel-powered Sportage that was launched just a few weeks ago was not made more expensive, further increasing the appeal of the more fuel-efficient powertrain.

It’s also worth noting that the popular Rio is still listed for now, but it will soon no longer be available as the automaker has ceased production of the hatchback for right-hand-drive markets.

Kia prices before and after

Detailed below are the new and old prices for all the Kia vehicles sold in South Africa.

Click on the underlined names for more information.

Picanto – R2,000 increase

Model Old price New price
Picanto 1.0 Start R214,995 R216,995
Picanto 1.0 Start Auto R228,995 R230,995
Picanto 1.0 Street R228,995 R230,995
Picanto 1.0 Runner Panel Van R234,995 R236,995
Picanto 1.2 Street R237,995 R239,995
Picanto 1.0 Style R238,995 R240,995
Picanto 1.0 Street Auto R242,995 R244,995
Picanto 1.2 Style R247,995 R249,995
Picanto 1.0 Runner Panel Van Auto R248,995 R250,995
Picanto 1.2 Street Auto R251,995 R253,995
Picanto 1.0 Style Auto R252,995 R254,995
Picanto 1.2 Style Auto R261,995 R263,995
Picanto 1.2 X-Line R264,995 R266,995
Picanto 1.2 X-Line R278,995 R280,995

Pegas – R3,000 increase

Model Old price New price
Pegas 1.4 LX R259,995 R262,995
Pegas 1.4 EX R270,995 R273,995
Pegas 1.4 EX Auto R285,995 R288,995

Rio – R4,000 increase

Model Old price New price
Rio 1.2 LS R306,995 R310,995
Rio 1.4 LS R320,995 R324,995
Rio 1.4 LX R335,995 R339,995
Rio 1.4 LS Auto R337,995 R341,995
Rio 1.4 EX R348,995 R352,995
Rio 1.4 LX Auto R352,995 R356,995
Rio 1.4 EX Auto R365,995 R369,995
Rio 1.4 Tec R373,995 R377,995
Rio 1.4 Tec Auto R390,995 R394,995

Seltos – R4,000 increase

Model Old price New price
Seltos 1.6 EX R436,995 R440,995
Seltos 1.6 EX Auto R454,995 R458,995
Seltos 1.5CRDi EX R466,995 R470,995
Seltos 1.6 EX+ Auto R472,995 R476,995
Seltos 1.5CRDi EX Auto R484,995 R488,995
Seltos 1.5CRDi EX+ Auto R502,995 R506,995
Seltos 1.4T-GDI GT Line R532,995 R536,995

Sonet – R4,000 increase

Model Old price New price
Sonet 1.5 LX R323,995 R327,995
Sonet 1.5 EX R343,995 R347,995
Sonet 1.5 LX Auto R344,995 R348,995
Sonet 1.5 EX Auto R364,995 R368,995
Sonet 1.0T EX R386,995 R390,995
Sonet 1.0T EX+ R416,995 R420,995

K2 Series – R4,000 increase

Model Old price New price
K2500 2.5TD Workhorse Dropside R384,995 R388,995
K2500 2.5TD Workhorse Dropside (aircon) R400,995 R404,995
K2500 2.5TD Tipper R420,995 R424,995
K2700 2.7D Workhorse R336,995 R340,995
K2700 2.7D Workhorse Dropside R353,995 R357,995
K2700 2.7D Workhorse Dropside (aircon) R369,995 R373,995
K2700 2.7D Workhorse Tipper R389,995 R393,995

Sportage – R6,000 increase

Model Old price New price
Sportage 1.6T-GDi LX R567,995 R573,995
Sportage 1.6CRDi LX R597,995 R597,995
Sportage 1.6T-GDi EX R621,995 R627,995
Sportage 1.6CRDi EX R651,995 R651,995
Sportage 1.6T-GDi GT Line R677,995 R683,995
Sportage 1.6T-GDi GT Line Plus R705,995 R711,995
Sportage 1.6CRDi GT Line Plus R735,995 R735,995
Sportage 1.6T-GDi GT Line S R762,995 R768,995

Carnival – R9,000 increase

Model Old price New price
Carnival 2.2CRDi EX R842,995 R851,995
Carnival 2.2CRDi EX+ R922,995 R931,995
Carnival 2.2CRDi SXL R1,067,995 R1,076,995

Sorento – R9,000 increase

Model Old price New price
Sorento 2.2CRDi EX+ R852,995 R861,995
Sorento 2.2CRDi AWD EX+ R892,995 R901,995
Sorento 2.2CRDi AWD SX R957,995 R966,995
Sorento 2.2CRDi AWD SXL R1,037,995 R1,046,995

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