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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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Cars discontinued in South Africa in 2024 – and which ones you can still buy

Five different cars have been discontinued in South Africa since the start of the year, and most of them can no longer be found in showrooms.

Two were dropped because a new model was brought in to replace them, but the other three are gone owing to various business-related decisions.

First up is the Honda WR-V – the brand’s entry-level SUV – which has been replaced by the new Elevate competing in the country’s popular crossover segment.

Another vehicle that has technically been replaced is the Suzuki Vitara, one of the Japanese carmaker’s most iconic nameplates.

The stated reason for the Vitara’s cancelation is that Suzuki now has several SUVs in South Africa, including two new models that overshadow the Vitara’s role in the company’s roster.

This includes the Fronx, an affordable crossover that is far more appealing to motorists on a budget, and the Grand Vitara, the brand’s new flagship catering to those who want the best the carmaker has to offer.

Neither of these is a direct replacement for the Vitara, but their introduction means that the latter no longer has an obvious sales pitch in South Africa, ultimately leading to the manufacturer’s decision to pull the plug on it.

Moving on, the Mazda BT-50 has been discontinued owing to poor sales in our market, as the double cab failed to stand out in the fiercely-competitive bakkie segment.

The Kia Rio’s run on the market finally came to an end in 2024, as the automaker made a decision in early 2023 that the hatchback would no longer be produced for right-hand-drive markets.

Surplus stock meant that the Rio remained in stores for more than a year, but the car has officially been delisted, signaling that it is no longer available in dealerships.

Finally, there’s the Nissan NP200, which is ceasing production at Rosslyn due to its ageing design.

However, the compact bakkie’s popularity in South Africa means that the company prepped additional stock to sustain demand for another few months, making it the only option on this list that is still available despite being axed.


These are the five cars that were replaced or discontinued in South Africa in the last three months.

Honda WR-V

  • Starting price when new – R320,800
  • Still available – No

Kia Rio

  • Starting price when new – R330,995
  • Still available – No

Mazda BT-50

  • Starting price when new – R630,400
  • Still available – No

Nissan NP200

  • Starting price when new – R245,300
  • Still available – Yes

Suzuki Vitara

  • Starting price when new – R438,900
  • Still available – No

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