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Sunday / 14 July 2024
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5 important things that happened in South Africa’s car industry this week

These were the five biggest stories in South Africa’s transport industry this week.

Hundreds of damaged VW Polos and Ford Rangers stuck at South African port

A ship carrying hundreds of VW Polos and Ford Rangers has been damaged by severe weather off the coast of South Africa.

The locally-produced cars were bound for export but have since returned to the Port of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape where they have been offloaded to shore.

Investigations are currently underway into how the incident occurred, with the damages estimated to stretch into the millions.

R3.7-billion highway upgrade in South Africa cancelled after 3 years

The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) has cancelled a tender worth up to R3.7 billion more than three years after it was first issued.

Sanral received six different bids for the tender first issued in 2021, but pulled the plug on the planned highway upgrade earlier this month, citing the prices as no longer being “commercially viable.”

The cancelled tender was meant for capacity improvements to the National Route 2 (N2) in KwaZulu-Natal.

New laws for Uber and Bolt in South Africa

The government has passed new legislation affecting how e-hailing drivers operate in South Africa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the amended National Land Transport Act after years of demands from drivers on apps like Bolt and Uber.

It allows e-hailing drivers to apply for operating licences just like any other form of public transport service – something that has been requested for over 13 years.

Cape Town’s war against taxi drivers

The City of Cape Town is struggling to address the dangerous behaviour exhibited by many taxi drivers.

City officials are unable to impound minibus taxis for numerous offences, following a recent amendment to the National Land Transport Act.

Instead, traffic enforcers can only issue fines, but many drivers are refusing to pay and are difficult to track down.

New Haval Jolion Pro launched in South Africa

Haval has officially launched the new Jolion Pro in South Africa.

The upgraded crossover is available in five specifications, with prices starting at R391,150.

The regular Jolion line-up has also been on the receiving end of a mild nip and tuck, with its model line-up trimmed down to just three models, one of which will soon be sold out.

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