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Sunday / 22 May 2022
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Tesla’s fastest cars – Incredible speed and power

Elon Musk recently unveiled the Tesla Model S Plaid at the company’s headquarters in California.

The Plaid is a big deal, as it’s the fastest-accelerating production car the company has built to date – doing 0-100km/h in two seconds.

Musk stated that this car’s incredible acceleration is vital to the future of electric vehicles.

“We’ve got to show that an electric car is the best car, hands down,” he said.


The Model S Plaid follows in the footsteps of its equally-impressive siblings – the Model S (non-Plaid edition), Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

Tesla produces these extremely quick electric vehicles by fitting either a single, dual, or tri-motor system – along with a powerful battery pack – to each model.

The cars with more than one electric motor are four-wheel-drive, as they receive an electric engine on each axle.

Different battery and motor sizes are available, too, with the least-powerful unit generating an output of 165kW and 410Nm in the Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus.

This model still reaches the 100km/h landmark in 5.3 seconds, however.

More good news for car fans is that an all-electric pickup truck – the Cybertruck – as well as a two-seater supercar – the Roadster – are destined to join the Tesla line-up in the near future.

The performance

To see how fast Tesla’s range of vehicles are, we have compared the models on sale to the public below.

The fastest models from each vehicle range were selected, with their power, torque, acceleration, top speed, and range figures detailed.

It must be noted that Tesla uses 0-60 miles per hour for their acceleration figures, which equates to 97km/h.

Additionally, the Model 3 and Model Y’s power and torque specifications are unofficial figures – and were not provided by Tesla.

Model S

Specifications Model S Plaid
Maximum Power 761kW
Maximum Torque 1,424Nm
0-97km/h 1.99 seconds
Top Speed 322km/h
Range  628km
Weight 2,162kg

Model 3

Specifications Model 3
Maximum Power  350kW
Maximum Torque  639Nm
0-97km/h 3.1 seconds
Top Speed 261km/h
Range 507km
Weight 1,844kg

Model X

Specifications Model X Plaid
Maximum Power  761kW
Maximum Torque  966Nm
0-97km/h 2.5 seconds
Top Speed 262km/h
Range 547km
Weight 2,445kg

Model Y

Specifications Model Y
Maximum Power  351kW
Maximum Torque  639Nm
0-97km/h 3.5 seconds
Top Speed 250km/h
Range 488km
Weight 2,003kg

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