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Wednesday / 17 August 2022
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Top 5 YouTube car channels you must watch

When my boss is not looking or I am on my phone while waiting for the coffee machine to heat up, I watch YouTube.

What do I watch on YouTube?

Car videos.

There’s no “how to braai a steak” searches and my viewing history does not contain a single surfing wipeout video – it’s all cars, drag races, and engine tuning.

If you want to get your YouTube viewing into the fast lane, check out the channels below.

1. Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro, is the type of guy who likes wearing two t-shirts at the same time and pointing out the “quirks and features” of every car in fine detail.

Currently at 3.84 million subscribers and 534 videos, it is not hard to see why Doug is at the top.

With one of his newest videos being a 38-minute-long showcase of the extremely limited edition – 1 of 40 – $8,000,000 Bugatti Divo, he is a must-watch.


Not as large as the first channel, but equally as entertaining, is RDB LA.

RDB LA – short for Repair Design Build Los Angeles – is a channel about a body modification shop located in LA.

Featuring cars such as RWB design Porsches, Liberty Walk Ferraris, and slammed Rolls Royces; the exotic fan inside you will not be disappointed.

Seeing as it is LA it would only be right for them to feature celebrity cars – which they do – having uploaded videos showing us Khalid’s widebody Lamborghini Urus and Offset’s Dodge Demon.


The three former hosts of Top Gear have a new home.

No, I’m not talking about The Grand Tour – what I’m talking about is DRIVETRIBE.

James May is a main investor in the channel, and as such features in many videos.

These include a thrilling four-part series where he builds a bicycle at a glacial pace, and another where he “un-pimps” people’s rides.

Richard Hammond mainly reviews the newest cars or discusses his numerous accidents, while Jeremy Clarkson features in a series of highly-opinionated videos.

4. Carwow

Currently at 4.97 million subscribers, Carwow is the biggest channel on this list.

Being the biggest means they have access to the the largest varieties of cars, and you will find lots of exciting content to watch – my favourite being the drag races.

Whether you want to watch a battle between every generation of the M3, or two 44-ton trucks fighting it out over a quarter mile, Carwow will provide.

5. TheStraightPipes

I must admit, I am a new viewer to this channel, but I have not been disappointed.

Coming in at 1.19 million subscribers is TheStraightPipes.

It is the only channel regularly having two hosts and is mainly a review channel.

They have a huge variety of cars featured – however, there is a large focus on American-only models.

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