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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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VW Golf 8 not confirmed for South Africa – We asked a Golf 7 owner what they think

In August, VW told TopAuto the “standard” Golf 8 range was still being considered for a local introduction, and had not been confirmed.

The Golf 8 line-up for South Africa would therefore consist of only the Golf 8 GTI and the Golf 8 R, said the company.

“Volkswagen’s Golf 8 strategy in South Africa focuses on the performance attributes of the Golf,” it said.

“Volkswagen is still investigating the feasibility of launching other derivatives in the Golf 8 range.”

We asked TopAuto reader Gemma, who owns a VW Golf 7, what they think about the move.

Which Golf do you own and what is it like to drive?

I own a 2018 Golf 7 1.4 TSI Comfortline DSG, with 60,000km on the clock.

I bought it in 2018 as a demo model with 1,000km driven.

I love my car. It is like driving on a cloud and is so comfortable. It also has just enough power to get me everywhere while not scaring me.

A big boot and large back seats means there is tons of space for whatever scenario – including all the luggage for a holiday, or all my stuff for work.

My father owns a 2017 Golf 7 GTI, which I have also driven quite a lot over the years.

I love that car and would buy it in a heartbeat if I could afford it, despite the mild fear I get every time I accelerate hard.

What do you think about the “normal” Golf 8 not being sold in South Africa?

I plan to keep my Golf for the next two years at least – this is when it will be paid off – so the news it not too upsetting.

I may also keep it for a while after it is paid off, depending on how badly I would like a new car and what I can afford.

It is a bit sad that people who would have liked a new Golf won’t get to experience what a great car it is, though.

I suspect that the Golf does not make VW enough money for them to bring in the new range, with people now focused on other models and other brands.

SUVs like the T-Cross look really popular and I see many people driving these. I would have no problem moving from a Golf to a T-Cross or a more-expensive Tiguan. I think many South Africans feels the same way.

There are a lot of SUVs in parking lots when I go out, and it looks like people who want to buy a new car are opting for these types of vehicles.

It makes sense the Golf is not as popular as it used to be.

Would you recommend a used Golf 7 to family and friends?

I would definitely recommend a demo model. It makes you feel like you are getting a new car, and you get a nice discount.

I am happy with my purchase and it is lovely to drive every day.


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