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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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Most popular BMWs in South Africa

Naamsa’s new vehicle sales report for March 2022 shows that the X3 is BMW’s best-selling vehicle in South Africa.

The latest statistics revealed many interesting insights, such as the fact the X3 sold roughly double as many units as BMW’s second most popular car – the legendary 3 Series.

Also noteworthy is that the new 2 Series performed much better than the X1 in terms of sales, despite being a more expensive coupe compared to the X1 being a small SUV – which is South Africa’s favourite body style.

BMW’s X4, X5, and X7 SUVs were among the top sellers, too, indicating strong demand for the brand’s high-riders – with starting prices of just over R1 million for the X4 and up to R1.8 million for the X7.

In addition, BMW sold a handful of electric cars, with the new iX SUV proving to be more popular than the established i3 hatchback last month.

The most popular BMWs

The list below details the most popular new BMW vehicles in South Africa, based on their March 2022 sales performance.

Click on the underlined prices for more information.

BMW X3 – 313 units

BMW 3 Series – 165 units

BMW 1 Series – 125 units

BMW X5 – 116 units

BMW 2 Series – 107 units

BMW X1 – 93 units

BMW 4 Series – 49 units

BMW X4 – 24 units

BMW X7 – 23 units

BMW X2 – 18 units

BMW 5 Series – 16 units

BMW X6 – 13 units

BMW 8 Series – 11 units

BMW 7 Series – 9 units

BMW iX – 6 units

BMW Z4 – 5 units

BMW i3 – 1 unit

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