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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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This Hyundai is being targeted by hijackers in South Africa more often

Following an uptick in hijackings over the past few months, Fidelity Security Group CEO Wahl Bartmann revealed to sister publication BusinessTech that criminals are now targeting the Hyundai H-100, especially those with potentially-valuable cargo such as delivery vehicles.

In times of dire straits where a large portion of the population is often strapped for money and food, these trucks and their valuable contents present an easy target for both opportunistic thieves and criminal syndicates.

In addition, Bartmann noted that the most prominent hijacking method in recent months was to target victims at their homes. Motorists are particularly vulnerable if they park outside on the street curb or whilst they’re entering and exiting their gates.

“Some incidents are pre-planned, and before the hijacking, some perpetrators follow victims to identify the victims’ homes and travel habits,” said Bartmann.

He warned that vehicles including the VW Polo, Nissan NP200, and Toyota Corolla, Fortuner, and Hilux are among the most-targeted models since the demand for these vehicles’ components is high in the illicit parts market.

Owners of these particular cars should therefore be extra vigilant when they get home and avoid looking like a target to the best of their ability.

How time of day affects your risk of being hijacked

Naked Insurance’s historic claim data highlights an interesting pattern for carjackings in South Africa depending on the time of day.

It revealed insights like your car is less likely to be stolen between the hours of 05h00 to 12h00 if it’s parked, and that you’re less likely to be hijacked within the hours of 12h00 and 21h00 if you’re driving.

During the evening and early morning hours of 21h00 and 05h00, the risk of your car being stolen in a parking lot is also three times higher than the risk of you being hijacked while on the road.

The below table based on Naked’s data shows the risk of your car being stolen during certain times of the day, depending on whether you’re driving it or if it’s parked:

Time of day Driving Parked
05h00 – 12h00 54% 46%
12h00 – 21h00 47% 53%
21h00 – 05h00 25% 75%

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