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Saturday / 23 October 2021
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How to save R17,000 a year on petrol

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South African drivers whose cars use a 60-litre tank of petrol can save over R17,000 a year if they drive correctly.

This is according to Bianca de Beer from Dialdirect Insurance, who stated that a “a few minor adjustments to your driving habits” can result in a 40% improvement in fuel efficiency.

“So, if you fill up 48 times a year at roughly R900 per tank, a 40% reduction in fuel consumption could save you over R17,000 a year,” said de Beer.

Tips to save

The insurer went on to provide several tips on how to drive more efficiently and save on fuel costs.

  • Services – A car which is not serviced and maintained regularly can use up to 30% more fuel. Servicing ensures items like spark plugs, rings, injectors, brakes, oil, and filters are all in optimal condition.
  • Wheel alignment – Poor wheel alignment causes more friction, which takes more engine power to overcome.
  • Tyre pressure – Under-inflated tyres can also increase resistance.
  • Air con – Using air conditioning places load on the engine and uses fuel.
  • Speed – Speeding and hard acceleration can use more fuel.
  • Gears – Drive at the lowest speed in the highest gear, without labouring the engine, for improved economy.
  • Planning – Rather drive one long trip than several short trips, as this keeps the car’s engine at optimal temperature.
  • Avoid traffic – Try to avoid driving in stop-start traffic.

“Saving on fuel by keeping your vehicle in shape and changing the way you drive may seem like a bit of a hassle, but if you increase your fuel economy by 40%, a tank that normally gets you 700km could get you close to 1,000km.”

“This translates to almost a tankful of savings for every two times you fill up.”


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