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Tuesday / 16 July 2024
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All 37 companies that have agreed to keep Joburg’s traffic lights on

In response to the ever-escalating blackouts in South Africa and the havoc they wreak on the roads when traffic signals are down, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) launched its Traffic Signal Backup Power Initiative (TSBPI) in July this year.

TSBPI allows companies in the private sector to connect their backup power grids to traffic lights at important intersections in order to keep them active during the hours of load-shedding, which at peak levels earlier in 2023 saw the signals being inoperative for up to 10 hours a day.

Thus far, upwards of 37 organisations have signed Service Level Agreements (SLA) with the JRA to keep the important lights up and running 24/7, including multi-national corporations like Sasol and Vodacom, as well as local businesses such as Ford Eagle Corner Group.

“JRA is inundated with requests from corporates, schools, and even NGOs across Johannesburg willing to partner with the entity in keeping the City’s traffic lights on and most essentially, keeping traffic flowing during load-shedding,” said Joburg MMC for Transport, Councillor Kenny Kunene, in July.

“This joining of hands today with Vodacom as well as the 39 other Service Level Agreements that are in progress, is a positive boost to growing our local economy as less time in congested traffic means more productive time at the office, the factory, and the school.”

To make the support system work as planned, the JRA has redesigned the signal wiring of the intersections in question and upgraded the infrastructure to ensure that a company’s backup power kicks in with no interruptions when the electricity goes out. The power uptake by an intersection ranges between 550W/hour to 1,500W/hour.

The impact of this initiative has assisted with traffic movement across the 2,020 signalised intersections and 14,000km of road under the JRA’s jurisdiction, as well as improved safety and contributed immensely to the reduction of time lost in traffic, it said.

Just in the case of Vodacom, the JRA estimates that the TSBPI alleviates congestion for up to 3,000 vehicles per day.

The companies that will keep Joburg’s traffic lights on

The table below, as provided to TopAuto by the JRA, shows all the companies that have signed up to the TSBPI to keep Joburg’s traffic lights operational during load-shedding, as well as the applicable intersections where they will, or have already taken over this duty.

Company Intersection Project status
Adcock Ingram Healthcare New Road/Walton Road & Seventh Road Pending
Blue Label Telecoms Grayston Drive West & Benmore Road/West Road East New
Discovery Rivonia Road & Empire Place Complete
Rivonia Road & Sandton Drive/Katherine Street Complete
Eagle Ford Louis Botha Avenue South & Corlett Drive/Ninth Road Complete
Elixir Trust and Sasol Pension Fund Albertyn Avenue & Wierda Road East/Sasol Access Road Complete
Katherine Street & Pybus Road Complete
FNB Harrison Street & Kerk Street Pending
Harrison Street & Pritchard Street Pending
Pixley Seme (Sauer) Street & Kerk Street Pending
Pixley Seme (Sauer) Street & Pritchard Street Pending
Pritchard Street & Diagonal Street Pending
Rahima Moosa (Jeppe) Street & Harrison Street
Rahima Moosa (Jeppe) Street & Pixley Seme (Sauer) Street Pending
Rahima Moosa (Jeppe) Street & Simmonds Street Pending
Simmonds Street & Kerk Street Pending
Simmonds Street & Pritchard Street Pending
Grapnel Property Managers Rivonia Road & Outspan Road Pending
Growthpoint Properties Grayston Drive & Fifth Street Complete
Oxford Road & Bierman Avenue Complete
Hollard Oxford Road & Federation Road Complete
Investec Grayston Drive East & West Road South Complete
Rivonia Road South & Grayston Drive East Complete
IQ Business Rivonia Road & Third Avenue Pending
Italtile (FB Ashman Investments) Winnie Mandela (William Nicol) Drive & Peter Place Pending
K2012 Oxford Road South between Tyrwhitt Avenue & Baker Street Complete
Legacy Corner Maude Street & Fifth Street Complete
Liberty Ameshof Street & De Beer Street Pending
Ameshof Street & Melle Street Pending
Jan Smuts Avenue & Ameshof Street Pending
Liberty, 2 Degrees, Pareto Sandton Drive West & Alice Lane North Complete
Momentum Rivonia Road South & Maude Street/Linden Street Pending
Montag Rivonia Road & Fifth Street/Johan Street Complete
MTN Corner of Mlangeni/Phera/Lefoko/Letabe Street New
Fourteenth Avenue & N1 North On-Offramp Complete
Fourteenth Avenue & N1 South On-Offramp Complete
Fourteenth Avenue & Sentinal Avenue/Golden Gate Close Complete
Kgame Drive & Mohajane Drive New
Nedbank Rivonia Road South & Fredman Drive Complete
Old Mutual Insure St. Andrew Road & M1 South Offramp Complete
Rapfund John Vorster Road & Rock Cottage Shopping Centre Access Road Pending
Lever Road & Twelfth Road Pending
Peter Road & Van Dalen Road South Pending
Redefine Properties Katherine Street & West Road/West Street Pending
Rivonia Road & Pybus Road Pending
West Road & Alice Lane Pending
RMB Fredman Drive & Protea Place/Bute Lane New
Fredman Drive South & Gwen Lane New
South African Board of Jewish Education (SABJE) Club Street & Bedford Street Pending
Sanlam Developing Markets West Street & First Avenue/M1 North Offramp/M1 South Onramp Complete
Santam Chris Hani Road & Immink Street New
Chris Hani Road & Patrick Street New
Eglin Road & Naivasha Road New
Pretoria Main Road South & Chadwick Avenue New
Rivonia Road South & Alon Road New
Winnie Mandela (William Nicol) Drive North between Joseph Lister Street & Hendrik Potgieter Road On/Offramp New
Santam & Redefine Properties Alice Lane & Fifth Street Complete
Sloane Precinct Main Road & Culross Road New
Sloane Street & Main Road New
Winnie Mandela (William Nicol) Drive & Bryanston Drive New
Winnie Mandela (William Nicol) Drive & Sloane Street New
Winnie Mandela (William Nicol) Drive & Tiger Brands Access Road New
Southern Place Investments Benmore Road & Lower Road Complete
Standard Bank Anderson Street & Pixley Seme (Sauer) Street Complete
Anderson Street & Simmonds Street Complete
Baker Street & Cradock Avenue/Fourth Avenue Complete
Bolton Road & Fourth Avenue/Cradock Avenue Complete
Booysens Road/Pixley Seme (Sauer) Street & Village Road Complete
Oxford Road & Baker Street Complete
Oxford Road & Bolton Road/Glenhove Road Complete
Pixley Seme (Sauer) Street & Hall Street Complete
Simmonds Street & Frederick Street Complete
Simmonds Street & Thorpe Street Complete
Simmonds Street & Village Road Complete
Vodacom Fourteenth Road & Vodacom Boulevard North Complete
Fourteenth Road & Vodacom Boulevard South Complete
Lever Road & Vodacom Boulevard Complete
Vodacom & JC Decaux Winnie Mandela (William Nicol) Drive & 2nd Road New
Winnie Mandela (William Nicol) Drive & Main Road New
Winnie Mandela (William Nicol) Drive & Republic Road New
Waterfall Common Services Company Bridal Veil Road & Tugela Lane New
Karkloof Crescent East & Bridal Veil Road New
Karkloof Crescent East & Simlak Drive New
Karkloof Crescent West & Bawa Road New
Karkloof Crescent West & Simlak Drive New
Magwa Crescent & Allendale Close New
Magwa Crescent & Bawa Road New
Magwa Crescent & Karkloof Crescent New
Magwa Crescent & Karkloof Crescent East New
Magwa Crescent & Lone Creek Crescent New
Magwa Crescent East & Berlin Road New
Magwa Crescent East & Bridal Veil Road New
Magwa Crescent East & Simlak Drive New
Magwa Crescent West & Simlak Drive/Jukskei View New
Maxwell Drive & Denise Road/Waterfall Mia Drive New
Maxwell Drive & Tudor Avenue New
Polofields Drive & Polofields Estate Access New
Waterfall Drive & Polofields Drive Complete
Waterfall Drive & Simlak Drive/Jukskei View Drive Complete
Waterfall Drive & Waterfall Village/Letaba Drive Complete
Waterfall Drive (P66) & Country Estate Complete
Waterfall Mia Drive & Kikuyu Access Road Complete
Waterfall Mia Drive & Munyaka North Access Road New
Waterfall Mia Drive & Munyaka South Access Road New
Zenprop Fredman Drive North & Sandown Valley Crescent Complete
West Road & Fredman Drive North Complete
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