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Sunday / 14 July 2024
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5 important things that happened in South Africa’s car industry this week

These were the five biggest stories in South Africa’s automotive industry this week.

Warning over new crime trends at drive-thrus and petrol stations in South Africa

Gauteng municipalities have issued a new warning to motorists to be wary when visiting both drive-thrus and petrol stations due to a recent increase in criminal activities.

Drive-thrus have become a hotspot for thieves and hijackers in recent months owing to how easy it is to trap the target in the fast food queue.

Meanwhile, scammers are using new schemes to target both male and female drivers by taking advantage of the victim’s sympathy with pleas for assistance from “innocent women” who aim to blackmail or hijack their targets.

More affordable Chery crossover considered for South Africa

Chery is considering introducing the more affordable Tiggo 2 Pro crossover in South Africa, it confirmed to TopAuto this week.

The Tiggo 2 is the smallest SUV that the brand currently makes and is already on sale in Asia and South America, but is not yet available in Africa.

The brand’s consideration of the 2’s local introduction is largely based on the success of the larger Tiggo 4 Pro, which starts at R279,900 and is one of the country’s best-selling vehicles.

The best bakkies in the world are both built in South Africa

The sixth-generation Ford Ranger and second-generation VW Amarok have been named the joint winners of the International Pick-up Awards (IPUA).

The two vehicles are both produced in South Africa at Ford’s Silverton plant outside Pretoria as part of an alliance between the two companies.

This is the first time two vehicles have received the award at once, which is due to the sharing of the same architecture while still maintaining distinct styling and driving attributes, said the IPUA jury.

Why the new GWM Tank 300 is not launching in South Africa in 2023 anymore

The GWM Tank 300 will no longer be coming to South Africa in 2023, despite previous reports saying otherwise.

The first SUV in the brand’s current line-up, the Tank was announced in January this year with a launch penciled for the second half of the year, but this has been pushed forward to 2024.

While previous reports suggested that a hailstorm had damaged the carmaker’s first units in South Africa and that this was the reason for the delay, the company has since confirmed that this is incorrect and that the delay was merely down to stock delays, with the 300 now slated to arrive in early 2024.

New Audi cars and SUVs coming to South Africa

Audi is prepping for a busy year in South Africa in 2024, as at least eight different models are scheduled to launch next year.

The incoming units will include special-edition versions of the A3, S3, A5, S5, Q2, Q3, and Q5, which will be progressively rolled out during the coming 12 months.

The company also confirmed the imminent launch of the A4 and S4 Black Edition which will start at R900,000.

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