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Friday / 1 July 2022
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The best company to take care of all your marketing needs

The best way to boost sales and create awareness about your new products is through online marketing.

This is according to a recent survey by Broad Media, which found that digital marketing was, by a clear margin, the most popular advertising choice for local companies.

In this survey, 82% of companies found that digital marketing provided the best return on investment (ROI) for their marketing spend.

TopAuto offers a variety of online advertising packages that will take care of all your digital marketing needs – making it the best place for your brand to build its reputation.

Its diverse marketing products include:

  • Sponsored Articles with Social Media Amplification
  • Site Takeovers
  • Display Banners

These advertising opportunities will educate the South African public about your brand and its products, giving you a strong foothold in the market.

TopAuto’s marketing team will take care of the execution and management of your booking, as well as all campaign reporting.

TopAuto’s audience

Booking with TopAuto exposes your brand to the website’s large and diverse audience, which has grown by over 1,800% since TopAuto was launched in 2020.

The website now reaches over 330,000 South Africans every month, most of whom hold influential positions in their businesses:

  • 10,637 CEOs/Directors
  • 46,270 Business Owners
  • 38,303 Senior Managers
  • 75,904 Middle Managers
  • 43,992 Junior Managers

This powerful audience makes TopAuto the best place for your brand to reach important decision-makers – who are the ideal target market.

To learn more about advertising on TopAuto, click here.