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Friday / 14 June 2024
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Reach TopAuto’s audience directly through dedicated mailers

TopAuto’s dedicated mailers are an excellent way for your business to reach the publication’s large audience and promote your services and products.

Dedicated mailers can be tailored to suit your needs through a fully customisable HTML design – ensuring you target TopAuto’s subscribers with a clear marketing message.

Our expert multimedia team will design the mailer for you, and we will then distribute it to the 65,000 South African car enthusiasts that subscribe to TopAuto’s newsletter.

The mailer will arrive at the top of their inbox – giving you ideal positioning.

TopAuto’s audience

TopAuto’s newsletter subscribers comprise C-level executives, business owners, company directors, and managers. Importantly, this is complemented by all these readers having a love for, or interest in, the automotive segment.

This means they are highly influential in the companies they work for and are responsible for the purchasing decisions these organisations make, while having a rich understanding of the automotive market.

The majority of TopAuto’s audience is also responsible for the purchasing decisions in their homes, and also play a key role in influencing the purchasing decisions of friends and family.

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