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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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New Toyota 86 unveiled – All the photos and details

Toyota has unveiled the new GR 86 at an online event held in partnership with Subaru.

The car is the successor to the original 86 – called the GT86 – which was a joint project between Toyota and Subaru, and saw the car launch in 2012.

Toyota’s new 86 now receives the “GR” naming convention, which stands for Gazoo Racing, and it is the third car in the new GR line-up after the GR Supra and GR Yaris.

Like its predecessor, the GR 86 was developed with Subaru – whose version of this new car will be called the BRZ, as was the case in 2012.

“Although the two vehicles share the same vehicle base, the two companies focused on imbuing their respective models with a distinct driving feel,” said Toyota.

“As a result, the new GR 86 is specially designed for sports performance, and provides direct and satisfying driving performance of the highest order.”

Engine and performance

One of the biggest changes introduced to the new model is a bigger and more powerful engine.

A 2.4-litre Boxer engine has been fitted to the car, which produces 173kW of power at 7,000rpm.

Maximum torque is delivered at 3,700rpm and comes in at 250Nm, while drive is put down through either a 6-speed manual or automatic box.

“The engine delivers superior driving performance as a consequence, achieving 0-100km/h acceleration in just 6.3 seconds―down from the 7.4 seconds of the outgoing model,” said Toyota.

Engine responsiveness has also been enhanced, it added.

Toyota and Subaru have maintained the front-engine, rear-wheel-drive set-up as before, along with a low and wide stance for the vehicle.

In terms of its dimensions, the new 86 is almost identical to its predecessor – while body rigidity has been improved for better handling at all speeds.

“Torsional rigidity has been enhanced by approximately 50% over the previous model for greater steering stability.”

The outside of the car has been updated, too, with aerodynamic components that are often seen on cars that “participate in motorsports”.

This includes air outlets, side sill spoilers, and “other parts that improve steering responsiveness and stability”.

Safety and features

The new 86 comes with a 7-inch display that controls the media system of the car, along with Subaru’s EyeSight driver-assist system.

“This system of comprehensive safety technologies provides safety support during everyday driving,” said Toyota.

This includes pre-collision safety technologies that help avoid or reduce collisions, along with secondary collision avoidance support in the event of an accident.

On the practical side of things, the GR 86 features a 50-litre fuel tank and 215/40 R18 wheels on the front and rear.

The new GR 86 is scheduled to launch in Japan late 2021. Expected pricing for the car was not revealed.


Key figures of the new GR 86 are listed below.

Toyota GR 86 – Photos

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