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Sunday / 23 June 2024
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New Mercedes-AMG SL – Stunning photos

The new Mercedes-AMG SL has been revealed – and it is an absolute stunner.

Mercedes said the new car “returns to its roots” with a soft top and sporty character. Two models are then available: Mercedes-AMG SL 55, and Mercedes-AMG SL 63.

“At the same time, the luxurious roadster as a 2+2 seater is particularly suitable for everyday use and puts its power down on the road with all-wheel drive for the first time,” said the company.

This power is provided by an AMG 4.0-litre, V8, biturbo engine that puts out 430kW and 800Nm in the SL 63 model.

“In the SL 55, the V8 unit develops an output of 350kW and a peak torque of 700Nm,” said the company.

This difference in power sees acceleration and top speeds differ in the cars:

  • Mercedes-AMG SL 55 – 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds. Top speed of 295km/h
  • Mercedes-AMG SL 63 – 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds. Top speed of 315km/h

New roof

Much focus was placed on the new roof in the SL, with Mercedes speaking at length about the decision to bring back the soft top.

“The sportier positioning of the new SL also suggested the decision for an electric soft top instead of the previous metal vario roof,” it said.

“The 21kg reduction in weight and the resulting lower centre of gravity have a positive effect on driving dynamics and handling.”

“The three-layer design consists of a tightly-stretched outer shell, precisely crafted roof liner, and the acoustic mat made of high-quality 450g/m² material inserted in between.”

Opening and closing the roof takes about 15 seconds, and the action is possible up to a speed of 60 km/h.

Photos of the new Mercedes-AMG SL 55 and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 are shown below.

Mercedes-AMG SL 55

Mercedes-AMG SL 63

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