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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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Ferrari unveils Daytona SP3 – Photos

Ferrari has unveiled the Daytona SP3 – its latest V12 supercar.

The Daytona SP3 was unveiled at the Mugello Circuit as part of the 2021 Ferrari Finali Mondiali, and features the “most exhilarating V12 on the market”.

Ferrari used the V12 engine from the 812 Competizione for the new car, which sits in a mid-rear position to “optimise the intake and exhaust layout”.

The motor produces 617kW, making it the most powerful internal combustion engine ever built by Ferrari.

“The engine has a 65° vee between its cylinder banks and retains the 6.5-litre capacity of its predecessor, the F140HB,” said Ferrari.

This is paired to a 7-speed gearbox, and revs all the way up to 9,500rpm.

“Particular attention was lavished on reducing the engine’s weight and inertia by adopting titanium con rods, which are 40% lighter than steel, and the use of a different material for the pistons.”

“The new piston pins have a Diamond Like Carbon treatment, which reduces the coefficient of friction to improve performance and fuel consumption.”


Ferrari said the Daytona SP3’s design is a “harmonious interplay of contrasts, sublimely sculptural, voluptuous surfaces alternating with the kind of sharper lines that revealed the burgeoning importance of aerodynamics in the design of racers such as the 330 P4, 350 Can-Am and 512 S”.

A “bold choice” of a Targa body style was also used, along with a removable hardtop roof.

“Another key element is the butterfly doors, which have an air box integrated into them to channel air to the side-mounted radiators,” said Ferrari.

“The pronounced surface of the doors, whose leading edge forms the rear of the front wheel arch, also helps to manage the airflow emerging from the front wheels.”

Ferrari Daytona SP3

Photos of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 are shown below.

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