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Thursday / 19 May 2022
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Lexus SUV updates for South Africa – The details

Lexus LX 450

Lexus has announced a range of specification changes to its SUV line-up in South Africa.

The changes are mainly “interior and technology-focused upgrades” – and Lexus said they cover their LX, RX, and NX models.

The upgrades each model will receive are listed below.

Lexus LX

The V8 LX – available with a petrol or diesel engine – has received several new additions, including wireless headsets which are included as standard.

The LX will have a also have a buzzer function if seatbelts are not worn by occupants in the front seats, while a new colour option – Terrane Khaki – is introduced for the LX.

Additionally, a new┬áinterior trim called Ochre – a “natural clay earth pigment with a mixture of clay and sand tones” – has been added.

“Vehicle service intervals are at every 10,000km, alternatively once a year. A 7-year/100,000km warranty and full maintenance plan is standard for both LX models,” said Lexus.

Pricing for the LX is as follows:

  • LX 5.7 V8 Petrol – R1,894,100
  • LX 4.5 V8 Diesel – R1,827,600

Lexus RX Image

Lexus RX

The Lexus RX will receive a range of seat improvements as part of its upgrades, which includes “enhanced seat quality”.

“These range from natural leather for the EX grade to natural high leather for the L (7-seater), F Sport, and SE grades,” said Lexus.

A seatbelt warning is now also standard for all passenger – front and rear – while the EX gets dynamic auto headlamps. Previously, it had static auto headlamps as standard.

The RX includes a 7-year/105,000km warranty and full maintenance plan.

Pricing for the RX is listed below.

  • RX350 EX – R1,053,100
  • RX350L EX – R1,131,400
  • RX350 F-Sport – R1,178,200
  • RX450h SE – R1,369,200

Lexus RX

Lexus NX

The Lexus NX hybrid is now available in both EX and SE model grades – whereas previously it was only available in the SE grade.

This is in addition to a wide range of updates, including:

  • A tachometer colour change with the supplementary area changed to pink.
  • Steering wheel horn pad design has been changed.
  • The ornamentation on the inside door handles now has a metallic coating.
  • EX grades get a keyless entry for the back door.
  • The F Sport and hybrid SE receive a 14-speaker Mark Levinson sound system.
  • Three new colours for EX, SE, and hybrid models – Terrane Khaki, Celestial Blue, and Black.
  • Four new colours for the F Sport model – White Nova, Terrane Khaki, Celestial Blue, and Black.
  • The hybrid SE wheel design has been changed to high-alloy wheels.
  • Park distance control for the EX and SE grades now has standard-front and rear Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

The NX includes a 7-year/105,000km warranty and full maintenance plan.

Pricing for the NX is listed below.

  • NX300 EX – R760,900
  • NX300 F-Sport – R901,500
  • NX300h SE – R992,000

Lexus NX

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