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Sunday / 22 May 2022
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Toyota GRMN Yaris revealed – Photos

Toyota has unveiled a limited edition of the GR Yaris, called the GRMN Yaris.

The GRMN Yaris will be available in a 500-unit run in Japan later this year, with the car described as a “fully tuned model of the GR Yaris”.

Pricing starts at 7,317,000 Japanese Yen (R984,000).

Toyota said it has gone through “rigorous refinement with professional drivers” to produce this car, and as a result it has been lightened by 20kg, widened by 10mm, lowered by 10mm, and had its rear seats removed.

It also packs a new racing interior with bucket seats and a sporty instrument cluster, along with a mechanical LSD, a close-ratio gear transmission, and a low final gear set.

“For gear ratios, close-ratio 1st to 4th gears make efficient use of the engine power band, and low final gears for optimized driving force have been combined,” said Toyota.

“To improve reliability during endurance races and other situations, SNCM material was used and shot processing was added to 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and final gears – significantly improving shock torque and fatigue strength.”

Engine power then remains at 200kW.

Three options

Toyota said the GRMN Yaris will be offered in three grades: Basic, Circuit Package, and Rally Package.

“The Circuit Package is available in a special Matte Steel exterior color and will be sold as a 50-unit limited edition,” it said.

The Rally Package is then available as a special dealer-installed option on the base grade, which includes “parts to enhance driving performance on all road surfaces”.

A breakdown of the Circuit and Rally grades is detailed below.

Circuit Package

Main features:

  • BBS GRMN dedicated 18-inch wheels
  • 18-inch brakes
  • Bilstein shock absorber with adjustable damping force
  • Carbon rear spoiler
  • Side skirt
  • Lip spoiler
  • Price: 8,467,000 Japanese Yen (R1.13 million)

Rally Package

Main features:

  • GR shock absorber and short stabilizer link set
  • GR under guard set
  • GR roll bar (with sidebar)
  • Price: 8,378,764 Japanese Yen (R1.12 million)

Toyota GRMN Yaris – Photos

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