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Saturday / 2 July 2022
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FordPass Connect in South Africa – Everything you need to know

FordPass Connect has launched in South Africa.

The service will be included as standard on all Ford Ranger XL, XLS, XLT, Wildtrak, Raptor, and FX4 models going forward, said the company.

FordPass Connect provides a range of vehicle information and services to Ford owners via a smartphone app – Android or iOS – which connects to an embedded modem in their vehicle.

These services include remote locking and unlocking of the car, remote starting for automatic vehicles, vehicle status updates, vehicle “health alerts”, a vehicle locator function, and access to emergency roadside assistance.

The vehicle status updates include fuel, oil, and washer fluid levels; mileage figures; and tyre pressures on select Wildtrak models – while remote starting can be activated when desired or scheduled for a certain time of day.

This can help with preparing the vehicle for a trip by warming it up, for example.

“The FordPass smartphone app significantly enhances the ownership experience, with easy access to key vehicle information including warranty details, roadside assistance, and online service bookings,” said Ford.

Additionally, Ranger models produced from 2017 can be set up to use FordPass to access selected vehicle, warranty, and maintenance details – as well as the search functions for dealers, fuel stations, and parking.

The company noted that the FordPass Connect modem cannot be retro-fitted to the older models, however.

Pairing with the vehicle

FordPass Connect can be paired with the existing vehicle infotainment systems, said Ford.

This includes the following systems.

  • Entry-level SYNC1 system on XL models.
  • Mid-level Connected Touch Radio touchscreen infotainment system that incorporate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Fully-featured SYNC3 with navigation that is fitted as standard on the high-series models.

Ford said there are no charges to use the FordPass Connect service, besides those you incur using data when connecting via the app.

Additionally, no charge is levied for the installation of the FordPass Connect modem in a vehicle.

“An unlimited number of users can be authorised via the FordPass app and FordPass Connect, who can then perform command and control functionality and see relevant vehicle data on their own smartphone,” said Ford.

Ford has included a resource centre in the app, too, which allows users to watch how-to videos explaining features and technologies in the Ranger, and to access a digital owner’s manual.

Lastly, Ford emphasized that data security is a top priority for the FordPass service.

“Ford is responsible for all data collection, which is stored in both the company’s servers and third-party cloud service providers, including Microsoft and IBM, located in the United States.”

“The vehicle data is accessed under strict rules by Ford’s engineers and technical staff, for the purpose of diagnosing and developing repairs to vehicles in service and to improve future designs,” it said.

The vehicle modem can be deactivated via the infotainment system should the customer wish to turn off all data transmission, concluded Ford.

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