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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Luxury and power

The newest generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been launched.

The striking vehicle will be available with an assortment of mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines, while its interior is a spitting image of that in the newest S-Class.

It will be available in both Saloon and Estate variants, and will arrive at European dealerships during the coming months.


The new C-Class has a dynamic stance thanks to the combination of short overhangs and a long wheelbase.

For the design of this vehicle, the designers have kept lines to a minimum.

From the sides, the surfaces create unique light effects, and 17-to-19-inch wheels add to the sporty design.

Up front the signature radiator grille with a central star and louvres are fitted to all variants, and the bonnet features power domes.

The AMG line will then receive a diamond grille with a star design in chrome to differentiate itself.

The rear-end features two-piece design lamps for the first time on a C-Class, and an optional or trim-specific rear-bumper concludes the exterior overhaul.

Three new paint finishes – spectral blue, high-tech silver, and opalite white – have also been added.

Moving inside, the new dashboard is split into two sections and a focus has been put on the driver – with the slight angling of instruments towards the main seat.

The instrument cluster consists of a high-definition, free-standing display that can be either 10.25-inch or 12.3-inches in diameter.

The central display attracts the most attention in the new cabin, however, and can also be opted in two different sizes – 9.5-inch or 11.9-inches.

The look of the screens can be customised depending on the drive modes, too, and certain trim lines receive fibre optic ambient lighting to complement this.

A dashboard covered in “man-made” leather is an option on the C-Class – and standard on the AMG line – while a new range of trims showcase the elegant surfaces through interpretations of open-pored veneers in several colours, as well as open-pored wood.


The new C-Class is equipped with the newest infotainment system that Mercedes has to offer – Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX).

It features a more capable voice assistant that responds to “Hey Mercedes”, which lets you control vehicle functions such as calls and assistance features.

The MBUX system also offers a smart home function, which lets your vehicle become a mobile control centre from where you can find out if someone is at home, turn appliances and lights on and off, and monitor your property.

It must be noted that this is only available when both sides have an Internet connection.

“Online music” services let you listen to your favourite songs thanks to the integration of major music streaming services, and augmented reality video will display the road with all its objects on the central display.

A heads-up-display can be optioned, and a fingerprint scanner on the centre control stack lets approved users log into their MBUX platform quickly.

Over-the-air updates then assure that your Mercedes software always stays up to date.

Optional extras in this new vehicle include massage seats at the front and back, an “Energizing Coach” that will keep you vigilant on long trips, and “Air-Balance” pack that provides fragrance in the interior, and a digital light package that uses high-tech camera and radar systems to assist the driver in all conditions.

Crash safety has been taken into consideration in this generation, too, and is based on an intelligently-designed body shell with a rigid passenger compartment.

In the event of an accident, the body will crumple in specific areas to keep the occupants as safe as possible – while airbags and seat-belts tensioners will be activated.

Compared to its predecessor, this new C-Class also provides additional safety features that reduce driver workloads.

This includes active cruise control with distance keeping, active steering assist with lane recognition and warnings up to 210km/h, and traffic sign recognitions and assist.

Intelligent parking systems assisted by 360-degree cameras and sensors support the driver when manoeuvering, and optional rear-axle steering makes turning angles even tighter and high-speed steering more dynamic.

An optional trailer-maneuvering assistant is available on the Estate version, which allows precise and safe positioning of a trailer.


The new C-Class sets standards in efficiency thanks to electrification and intelligent downsizing, according to Mercedes.

The engine range will only be offered in 4-cylinder configurations, and both the diesel and petrol engines have integrated starter-generators (ISG) for intelligent assistance at low engine speeds.

“The ISG uses a 48 volt on-board electrical system that ensures functions such as gliding, boosting, or energy recovery, and makes significant fuel savings possible,” said Mercedes.

The diesel variants are the first of its kind with an integrated starter-generator.

An energy recovery function and the ability to “glide” makes the engine more efficient, and a maximum output of 195kW – with an additional 15kW from the EQ Boost system – is available.

This is seen in the four-cylinder petrol engines, which feature a second-generation ISG with an additional output of 15kW on tap.

The petrol engines also boast the same abilities and efficiency levels as the diesel motors.

A newly designed turbocharger, which was designed in partnership with the Mercedes F1 team, will also be fitted to the vehicles with the relevant powertrains.

This turbocharger can add up to 20kW of extra power on the range-topping C300 model.

A 9G-TRONIC transmission was then adapted to fit the ISG system, and is installed in all C-Class models.

It it optimised for efficiency and weight saving, and takes up less space.


Plug-in-hybrid systems installed on certain models will provide an electric range of around 100km, and can provide up to 95kW of additional power, said the company.

These hybrid models are set to arrive at a later date, following the launch of the initial diesel and petrol variants detailed above.

The hybrid system is also able to achieve a peak torque figure of 440Nm, and full electric power is available at speeds of up to 140km/h.

The battery technology has been developed in-house by Mercedes, and has a total capacity of 25.4kWh, said the company.

Two additional driving modes allow the driver to take advantage of the hybrid powertrains through driving on battery power alone, or through saving the charge state for when it is most needed.

For example: When you drive in a city, the C-Class will conserve battery power on freeways before hand to ensure efficient drive on the tight city roads.

An overview of the petrol and diesel engines is listed below.

Petrol Engines

Diesel Engines

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