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Official petrol price adjustments for April announced

Many South African motorists are in for slight relief at the pumps from tomorrow, as prices for both petrol 93 and all grades of diesel are dropping, while the more premium petrol 95 is rising by a meagre 2 cents per litre in non-coastal regions.

These adjustments were gazetted by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMRE) and Energy on 4 April.

According to the DMRE, the following fuel price changes will take effect from Wednesday, 5 April, depending on the region:

Fuel type Inland Coastal
Petrol 93 Decrease of 1c per litre Decrease of 8c per litre
Petrol 95 Increase of 2c per litre Decrease of 5c per litre
Diesel 0.05% Decrease of 74c per litre Decrease of 81c per litre
Diesel 0.005% Decrease of 75c per litre Decrease of 82c per litre

The price adjustments differ according to magisterial district zones, due to the varying transport increases implemented into the structures of fuel, said the department, with annual adjustments ranging from an increase of 0.8c/l up to 40.8c/l.

Moreover, the self-adjusting Slate Levy saw a decrease of 4.38c/l to 17.54c/l for April, bringing additional relief.

Oil to the rescue

Average international petroleum product prices decreased during the period under review, thereby contributing to a drop of approximately 39 cents per litre in the prices of petrol in South Africa, and a more noticeable R1.17 per litre from the prices of diesel.

Conversely, the rand/US dollar exchange rate had a negative impact on the fuel price adjustments, as the local currency depreciated quite significantly during March in comparison to the preceding period.

“The average Rand/US Dollar exchange rate for the period 24 February 2023 to 30 March 2023 was 18.3045 compared to 17.7402 during the previous period,” said the DMRE.

This led to a higher contribution to the basic fuel prices of petrol and diesel, by 37.88c/l and 38.84c/l, respectively.

The table below shows how April’s fuel price adjustments will reflect at the pump:

Fuel type Inland Coastal
Petrol 93 R22.64 R21.92
Petrol 95 R22.97 R22.25
Diesel 0.05% R20.89 R20.16
Diesel 0.005% R20.97 R20.26


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