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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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New Volvo C40 Recharge – A fully-electric SUV

Volvo has released the new, fully-electric C40 Recharge as part of their ongoing plan to be an all-electric brand by 2030.

The C40 Recharge, says Volvo, has all the benefits of an SUV – but with a lower and sleeker design.

The company aims to roll out several more all-electric vehicles over the coming years, and by 2025 they plan to have 50% of their global sales consist of electric cars.

C40 Recharge details

The front of the C40 Recharge features a new design that introduces the face for electric vehicles from Volvo, and is accompanied by pixel-technology headlights and an aggressively-styled front bumper.

The rear has a coupe look with a long and sloping roofline, and it features a tailgate spoiler with lights designed in a swooping pattern.

Contrasting details, such as black mirror caps and wheel arches, add extra flare to the design; and personalisation is provided through a choice of several exterior colours and two-tone roof options.

This compact Volvo SUV stands at 1,582mm high, 2,035mm wide, and 4,431mm long – and is fitted with 5-spoke design, 19-inch and 20-inch wheels on the front and rear respectively.

Inside, a lot of attention has been given to customer feedback as the seats have been placed in a high riding position that most of the brand’s customers prefer – according to Volvo.

The interior is also available in a range of colour and decoration options unique to this model, and it’s the first vehicle from Volvo to be completely leather free.

Just as its bigger brother the XC40 Recharge, the C40 will be fitted with an infotainment system that is jointly developed by Google – based on the Android operating system.

This provides consumers with built-in Google apps, such as Maps.

Additionally, unlimited data along with over-the-air updates will ensure your C40 always has the latest software available.

Drive in the C40 Recharge is taken care of by twin electric motors – one on each axle.

The battery fitted to power these motors has a 78kWh capacity, a range of 420km, and can be fast-charged to 80% in about 40 minutes.

This time is expected to improve via future over-the-air software updates, added Volvo.

All in all, the C40 Recharge produces 300kW of power and 660Nm of torque.

It races from 0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds – with a top speed of 180km/h.

The C40 Recharge will be going into production during the second quarter of 2021 at the Volvo plant in Belgium, and it will only be available for purchase online.

When customers receive their new vehicle, it will come with a care package that includes service and warranty plans, roadside assistance, insurance, as well as home charging options.

Currently, no South African launch date has been set – but we can be sure to see it before the end of 2021, according to Greg Maruszewski, Managing Director at Volvo Cars South Africa.

“While launch plans for the Volvo C40 Recharge in the South African market have yet to be finalised, I am pleased to announce we will be bringing the XC40 Recharge, our first all-electric car, to this country this year.”

Volvo C40 Recharge – Photos

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