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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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TopAuto Car Prices – Get all new car prices in South Africa in one place

TopAuto has launched Car Prices – a dedicated section on the TopAuto website where you can quickly and easily find South African pricing for new cars.

The Car Prices section can be accessed from the homepage menu of TopAuto – and you can visit it now by clicking here.

TopAuto’s Car Prices section works great on laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Users can browse all the car brands available in South Africa, select the models on offer, and pick between the different trim levels available.

Features which make TopAuto’s Car Prices section great to use include:

  • See all models available from each brand, and their prices in South Africa.
  • Find details and specifications about each car, including engine type, power and torque, transmission type, and fuel economy.
  • Compare cars against each other, and see which offers more value and features.
  • Filter cars based on price, body shape, driven wheels, fuel type, and more.

“Our aim when building the Car Prices section was to make it quick and easy to find the price of a new car in South Africa,” said MyBroadband Media MD Kevin Lancaster.

“Whether you are on your laptop or your smartphone, you can go to the Car Prices page, click on the brand you are interested in, and see how much their cars are.”

If you are in the market for anything from a Polo Vivo to a Ferrari F8 – TopAuto’s Car Prices section has you covered.

Click here to visit the Car Prices page.


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