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Saturday / 2 July 2022
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Second-hand GR Yaris selling for more than retail – What Toyota has to say

Toyota South Africa has said that its authorised dealerships adhere to an agreement that does not allow them to sell products at prices higher than the suggested new retail selling price.

This follows an influx of “pre-owned” Toyota GR Yaris cars being listed on second-hand marketplaces for higher prices than the original new asking price.

An example of this was a “used” GR Yaris Rally, with 100km on the clock, which was on sale for R899,995.

“Occasionally, temporary imbalances between supply and demand create market conditions which allow the owner of a vehicle to attempt selling it at prices higher than Toyota South Africa’s suggested retail price,” said Toyota.

“This is usually done by non-Toyota dealers or individuals, in an effort to profit from a short-term opportunity. In such cases, those individuals or dealers have no line of responsibility to Toyota South Africa.”

Toyota further said that while vehicles bought in this way do not forfeit their remaining warranty or service plans, consumers that buy these cars at inflated prices must be aware of the possible drawbacks.

According to the company, the buyer must ensure that they receive Toyota-accredited vehicle services and customer support along with their purchase.

“The current owner’s details may also not be on record with Toyota South Africa, preventing effective communication in the case of after-care requirements.”

This can lead to potentially important information that the company must communicate to the vehicle owner to be missed.

“We advise consumers to be careful when selecting their supplier of Toyota products, ensuring they pay fair prices and receive Toyota-backed service levels and support.”

GR Yaris in South Africa

For the new GR Yaris, Toyota set up a large dealer network in South Africa that is specially catered to the GR cars to ensure adequate levels of after-sales support and customer care for these special-edition vehicles.

“Since vehicles are in a product category where the manufacturer and authorized dealer cannot abdicate responsibility of the safety and continued performance thereof, the quality promise extends beyond the sale,” said Toyota.

According to the company, the GR Yaris will remain limited to 190 units in South Africa, with each vehicle receiving a personalised keyring.

“Should demand surpass supply in our market – then we will request additional units from the 2022 production cycle,” it said.

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