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Wednesday / 19 June 2024
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The Suzuki Jimny is going electric

In its 2030 Growth Strategy announcement, Suzuki revealed that it will be launching five new electric vehicles (EV) by 2024.

Rather than giving us the names of these upcoming models, the Indian automaker teased them by means of black silhouettes, one of these being the unmistakable outline of the stout, boxy Jimny.

The bad news, though, is that the electric 4×4 is currently only planned for Europe, with no markets outside of this region yet confirmed.

Considering Suzuki is only launching its first hybrid model in South Africa this year and the local demand for EVs is not where it was expected to be by now, there’s a slim chance the fully-electric Jimny will reach our roads any time soon.

Electrification isn’t out of the question

The Jimny EV may only be planned for Europe at the moment, but this doesn’t mean the compact off-roader won’t be electrified at least partly in other countries.

Australia’s CarsGuide writes that for this country a hybrid Jimny is on the cards, and in light of Suzuki’s push into greener pastures and the similarities between the two countries’ automotive scenes, it wouldn’t be all too outlandish for this model to be considered for a South African debut.

Speculation about a hybridised crossover dates back to 2021 when another Australian publication, Drive.com, reported that a lower-emissions Jimny is confirmed with the most likely culprit for this model’s drivetrain being the 1.5-litre unit currently found in models such as the S-Cross and upcoming Grand Vitara.

This mild-hybrid configuration incorporates a 12V lithium-ion battery and integrated starter generator to deliver additional power to the engine during acceleration while also improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

As with its EV counterpart, the partially-electrified Jimny is expected to make its debut in late 2024 in line with when the 4×4 is due for a facelift.

Keep in mind that Suzuki South Africa has yet to confirm whether the local scene will be getting any of these new-energy Jimnys, though we are on the list to get a five-door version of the off-roader.

With the significantly increased uptake of new-energy autos in the country, however, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the hybrid Jimny eventually making it to our roads, too.

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