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Friday / 14 June 2024
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You can now buy a bulletproof VW Amarok in South Africa

SVI Engineering now offers armoured protection for the Volkswagen Amarok bakkie.

The VW Amarok V6 – the most powerful bakkie in South Africa at 190kW and 580Nm – can be upgraded with B4 and B6 armour specifications.

Prices for the B6 specification start at R655,000  – excluding VAT, options, and the price of the Amarok.

The B6 variation can stop bullets from assault rifles, said the company.

“Our clients opted for the ultimate civilian level of armoured protection, namely B6, that can stop bullets fired from assault rifles including the AK47.”

The entire conversion process takes around 12 weeks to complete, and requires SVI Engineering to remove all interior parts from the bakkie, except for the mechanical components sticking out from the floorboards.

“Special steel armoured plates and composite materials are used for the body and 38mm-thick armoured glass replaced the original glazing.”

The suspension of the bakkie is then upgraded to handle the additional 650kg that these materials add.

“There is no need to touch the V6 powertrain, as it still offers plenty of punch even after armouring,” said SVI.

The end result is a vehicle that looks completely standard from both the inside and outside, with the only giveaway being a small SVI logo on the corner of the windows.

All cabin features function as standard and SVI adds their own warranty that lasts for 1 year/50,000km.

In some cases, the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty will continue, too, after the brand has inspected and approved the finished product from SVI.

How much will it cost

The South African starting price for the Volkswagen Amarok V6 range is R921,900.

The B6 armoured specification conversion has a price of R655,000, and VAT on this amount comes in at R98,250.

The total cost of buying and converting the most affordable VW Amarok V6 into a B6-level vehicle is then R1,675,150.

B6 Armoured VW Amarok V6 – Photos


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