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Saturday / 25 September 2021
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Hyundai now lets you buy a new car completely online in South Africa

Hyundai has launched its “Click to Buy” service in South Africa, which will let customers buy their next new car online.

“Hyundai has entered the realm of complete online shopping with Click to Buy in South Africa, giving you the comfort of selecting and buying your car online from the comfort of your couch, up to the point of having your new vehicle delivered in your driveway,” said Hyundai South Africa.

The company said customers can visit the website from any device and explore the Hyundai range, choose a model and derivative, get a 360-degree view of the car’s interior and exterior, and compare it to other models in the range.

“Throughout the process, the buyer can communicate with a representative of Hyundai on WhatsApp or by ways of a live chat, or one can get Hyundai to call you back,” said the company.

“Hyundai’s efficient concierge service can help you all the way, and you will also be alerted about any special offers or maintenance and service plans.”

Selecting a car

When selecting a model from the Hyundai range, shoppers can filter by price and vehicle type.

You can then select a trim line from the model, along with the colour of your car.

All the vehicle’s convenience features, engine specifications, performance figures, and safety characteristics will then be shown to the user once it has been selected.

Next, the user will be able to select any optional extras which they would like to add – such as a tow bar or roof rack.

Finally, once the vehicle is configured, you will be required to enter your personal details and state whether you have an existing vehicle you would like to trade in.

“The finance application, if needed, can also be done online. And when the buyer is interrupted or has to attend to something else, all the information is saved up to that point in the process and you can continue later right where you left off,” said Hyundai.

Oscar Makola, marketing director of Hyundai South Africa, added that the company will still offer a “personal touch” where needed – which includes when your car gets serviced.

“However, we believe the ease and convenience of this new, fully-online buying process will enhance many of our customers’ journey with Hyundai.”

A screenshot of the Hyundai online car shopping website is shown below.

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