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Thursday / 30 June 2022
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Toyota GR Yaris – More units may be coming in 2022

Toyota South Africa said the company has opened a 2022 order book for the Toyota GR Yaris, but that these cars’ South African availability is still to be confirmed.

“Preliminary indication is that these units should be available from mid-2022, however, that is dependent on global allocation,” Toyota South Africa told TopAuto.

Despite Toyota South Africa not being able to fully confirm the availability of the 2022 GR Yaris, a salesman at a Toyota dealership told TopAuto they received a notice that more units should be coming to the country next year.

The new 2022 allocation is a result of “unprecedented global demand and positive market feedback” – but the company has not said whether these cars will be differentiated from the original model in any way, nor how many of them will be made available.

GR Yaris in South Africa

The GR Yaris made a huge splash when it landed in South Africa, with all 190 local units being “sold out” mere days after its launch.

It came in at a South African starting price of R606,600 for the standard version – with the upgraded Rally model selling for R715,600.

However, shortly after news broke that there were no new units left, the second-hand marketplace saw an influx of “pre-owned” GR Yaris cars on offer.

One Rally model was selling for as high as R899,995 – 26% more than its retail asking price.

The listing has since been removed, but a steady flow of pre-owned GR Yaris listings provides more opportunities to own the special hatchback – albeit at a premium.

Toyota said that while vehicles bought in this way do not automatically forfeit their remaining warranty or service plans, customers that acquire their GR Yaris at an inflated price should be aware of the potential drawbacks.

These include the possibility of not receiving a Toyota-backed warranty or service plan, as well as not receiving potentially important information the company sends out about the Yaris.

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