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Friday / 14 June 2024
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Toyota shows off 15 new electric cars – Photos

Toyota has shown off 15 upcoming Toyota and Lexus battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), which will slot alongside the bZ4X BEV SUV, as part of its global strategy to go carbon-neutral.

The strategy will see the company roll out a total of 30 BEVs by 2030 and aim to reach 3.5 million BEV sales within the same timeframe.

Additionally, Lexus will have a full line-up of BEVs across all ranges – with 100% of its sales in Europe, North America, and China consisting of these vehicles by 2030.

Lexus has set its sights on BEVs to account for all its sales in all markets by 2035.

Toyota global BEV strategy

Toyota aims to introduce as many BEV options as possible for customers around the world, with a “one-size-fits-all” approach out of the question.

The company plans to launch “carbon-neutral vehicles” only, which are cars that run on clean energy and achieve zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

“Our goal is not only to reduce CO2 emissions and other negative impacts to zero. Our goal goes beyond those,” said Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota.

“Specifically, we plan to roll out 30 battery EV models by 2030, globally offering a full line-up of battery EVs in the passenger and commercial segments.”

Lexus will have an equally impactful transition period, added the company.

“We believe that the battery EV will become the future symbol of Lexus as a model that most clearly expresses the evolution of the automobile brought about by electrification,” said the company.

Going forward, Toyota will increase its investment in batteries from R210 billion to R280 billion, aiming to “realise even more-advanced, high-quality, and affordable batteries.”

The cars

Little information about the actual upcoming Toyota and Lexus BEV ranges was provided, however.

The company said that Toyota’s global offerings will include the recently-unveiled bZ4X SUV that is powered by a 71kWh battery.

Unfortunately, Toyota South Africa confirmed to TopAuto that the bZ4X is currently not confirmed for a local introduction.

Lexus, on the other hand, hinted at building a battery-powered sports car.

“We will deliver a unique electrified Lexus that combines linear motor acceleration/deceleration, brake feeling, and exhilarating handling to further pursue the joy of driving,” it said.

The photos below were shared as part of Toyota’s BEV announcement.

Toyota and Lexus BEV line-up


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