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Saturday / 25 June 2022
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Toyota Corolla Cross – Big order backlog in South Africa

Toyota South Africa has confirmed there is currently a backlog of Corolla Cross orders in the country.

This is mainly due to global parts shortages as well as the strong local demand for the vehicle – which saw sales exceed the company’s expectations.

“The waiting period for orders varies, depending on whether customers are purchasing petrol or hybrid models of the Corolla Cross,” said Toyota South Africa.

“With regards to the latter, we underestimated how well it would be received by the local market.”

Toyota stated it is not the only automaker to be impacted by these issues and that the shortages have affected manufacturers across the world.

Speaking to a Corolla Cross customer

TopAuto spoke to a Toyota customer who notified us of this backlog, after he ordered a Corolla Cross Hybrid at a dealership in Gauteng.

The customer placed his order at the start of March and was told by the Toyota salesman there is currently a “5,000-unit backlog” for these SUVs with a “1,000-unit backlog” on the hybrid batteries.

When we spoke to him more than halfway through the month, the customer said his car has not been assigned a build slot yet and his waiting time was unchanged at around three months.

Corolla Cross sales

The Toyota Corolla Cross has been a big hit since it went on sale, leaping to the number one spot for best-selling SUV in South Africa shortly after its debut.

According to Naamsa’s new vehicle sales statistics, since the SUV launched in November 2021, its monthly sales have been as follows:

  • November 2021 – 1,757 units sold
  • December 2021 – 1,752 units sold
  • January 2022 – 1,356 units sold
  • February 2022 – 1,693 units sold

As a reference point, the entire Haval brand sold 1,730 units during November 2021 – the first month the Corolla Cross went on sale.

“We are thrilled that Corolla Cross has been well received by the South African market, including existing and new customers,” said Toyota South Africa.

“Securing the manufacturing contract for this model carries considerable importance for Toyota SA, having a direct impact on job creation, industry viability, and economic support.”

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