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Wednesday / 19 June 2024
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Cheaper deliveries guaranteed with new electric scooters in South Africa

Aeversa has revealed a new range of all-electric scooters with its S-Series, offering a cheaper solution for short-distance transport and delivery services in the face of rising fuel prices.

Three scooters are available, the S5, S8, and S10, with starting prices as follows:

  • Aeversa S5 – R53,000
  • Aeversa S8 – R62,000
  • Aeversa S10 – R75,000

These prices exclude VAT, said Aeversa.

The scooters are currently available to order with a four-month waiting period, and each purchase includes a one-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty.

All-electric transport solution

Powering the Aeversa S-Series scooters is a 3kW Bosch electric motor, which allows for speeds up to 110km/h while netting an average range of between 65km and 85km.

Furthermore, the top-of-the-line S10 offers a dual-battery system, where one battery can be left to charge at a depot while another battery is in use, which lets it do 180km of back-to-back driving if the speedometer is kept between 60-100km/h.

Charging the scooter requires plugging it into any standard three-pin 15 Amp wall socket. Alternatively, a high-speed fleet charging unit can result in a full charge in 30 minutes.

The chief advantage of Aeversa’s electric scooters is their low running costs, as at a base energy price of R2 per kW they will average just six cents per kilometre, said the company.

“If you charge the battery from empty to full daily, you will use less than R200 electricity per month, assuming a R3/kW electricity price,” said Rick Franz, CEO of Aeversa.

“Electric vehicles are approximately ten times more efficient at converting energy into motion than internal combustion engines, resulting in massive savings when one switches one’s short-distance transportation fleet to electric.”

Other benefits of switching to electric scooters include less maintenance, easy storage, quieter operations, and zero emissions, said the company.

“With the high fuel price impacting the cost of deliveries, electric scooters will reduce your monthly cost by 50 to 60 percent,” said Franz.

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