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Friday / 24 May 2024
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Toyota is revealing a baby Land Cruiser this year – Everything we know

Toyota will be revealing a smaller version of the Land Cruiser SUV in the last month of 2024 that will rival the likes of the popular Suzuki Jimny.

First unveiled as an electric concept in December 2021, Japanese publication Best Car has now managed to gather what it calls “definitive information” about the new Compact Cruiser.

We now know on which platform it will sit, what engine it will use, and when it will be shown to the world.

Everything we know about the Compact Cruiser

According to Japanese media, the new Compact Cruiser will share much of its underlying DNA with the recently-unveiled Hilux Champ, including its power source and architecture.

Unlike the concept vehicle that was unveiled in 2021 with an electric drivetrain, the production version of the Compact Cruiser will reportedly be equipped with a 2.7-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine like what is currently found in the Hilux line-up that puts out around 122kW and 245Nm, depending on the market.

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV Concept revealed in 2021

The motor will be bolted to the same IMV 0 ladder-frame chassis as the Hilux Champ, giving it a wheelbase of around 2,750mm. For comparison, the Jimny 5-door boasts a wheelbase of 2,590mm.

In terms of its physical dimensions, the Compact Cruiser will be “suitable for Japan’s road conditions” where tiny Kei cars are the main mode of transportation for many commuters.

As such, it shouldn’t be much bigger than the Jimny, either, which measures around 3.8m long, 1.65m wide, and 1.7m tall.

The SUV’s cabin is expected to mimic the rugged look of the rest of the Land Cruiser family, but cut back on tech and features to keep the price down.

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV Concept wins 2022 UK Car Design Award

One thing no one except Toyota insiders is certain about yet is the new off-roader’s production name.

It is widely expected to be coined the Land Cruiser FJ due to taking design inspiration from the first-gen Land Cruiser, but previous teasers from Toyota have shown that it could also be called the LiteCruiser or the Yaris Cruiser.

Thus far there has been no official word from the automaker itself about the Compact Cruiser’s debut date, its target markets, its specifications, or its pricing.

We know that Toyota has reserved the IMV 0 platform for its more affordable models going forward while its pricier vehicles adopt the new TNGA underpinnings.

The IMV 0-based Champ sells for just over R240,000 in Thailand, so we hope that the Compact Cruiser will follow a similar ethos and be more attainable by the general public than its namesake.

Toyota Compact Cruiser Illustration

Illustration Credit: Best Car

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