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Wednesday / 19 June 2024
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5 important things that happened in South Africa’s car industry this week

These were the five biggest stories in South Africa’s automotive industry this week.

Good news for petrol prices

South African’s collective wallet can breathe a little easier this October, as fuel prices are expected to rise at a much smaller rate than previously anticipated.

This news comes after previous warnings from the industry that fuel prices would reach their highest point in 15 months next week.

The cause is attributed to a sudden drop in the international price of oil, though this may only be temporary as global demand is still expected to go up towards the end of the year.

Facelifted Toyota GR Yaris coming soon

The Toyota GR Yaris is set to get an update in the near future, gaining a boost in power and a new gearbox.

The hot hatch will allegedly have its output brought up to the same standard as the new GR Corolla, while also gaining an automatic transmission for the first time.

It is also expected to receive a small facelift adding new visuals and features.

Suzuki sets a new world record in South Africa

Suzuki recently managed to set a new world record at its inaugural Suzuki Safari Town Festival in South Africa.

Verified by a representative from the Guinness World Records, the gathering was able to achieve the title of “most vehicles to switch on their lights simultaneously.”

This was possible thanks to the attendance of hundreds of Jimnys and their owners, who all came together for the Heritage Day weekend.

New BMW electric scooter for South Africa – Pricing revealed

BMW has published the official South African pricing for its incoming electric scooter – the CE 04.

The new two-wheeler carries a rear-mounted electric motor, which connects to an 8.5kWh battery pack, lending it a power ceiling of 31kW and 62Nm.

It reaches 50km/h in a blistering 2.6 seconds and boasts a range of 130km on a single charge.

New used-car marketplace launched in South Africa

Auto24.africa, the African subsidiary of the Estonian used-car marketplace Auto24, has officially launched in South Africa.

It aims to provide several benefits not offered by other vehicle trading platforms, including a five-day refund policy and warranties on all purchases.

It will also operate in multiple languages, both local and international, in order to cater to as many customers as possible.

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